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NYU Student Health Center, 2018-2020

Before 2018, all patient documents were created by individual providers, leading to a fractured brand and missed opportunities for student health at NYU.

After establishing an overall brand for student health, a consistent look and feel were applied to providers’ most popular patient handouts through the Point and Click system. The updated versions explain the diagnosis, next steps, and any medical concerns without jargon.

Copywriter // Graphic Designer

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Language guide


NYU Student Health Center, 2018-2019

Established the NYU Student Health Center brand and voice. Created this guide to share communication and marketing guidelines across all stakeholders working in student health. 

The brand voice considers existing regulations for topics like insurance and pharmacy while simplifying and elevating communication.

Additionally, the guide makes the standards clear for current and future communications and marketing staff and colleagues outside of the industry, such as medical providers and health system administration. 

Creator // Copywriter // Graphic Designer

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HEALTH CENTER Navigation project 

NYU Student Health Center, 2018-2020


NYU's Student Health Center Communication Team wanted to reduce confusion on the health center’s fourth floor. 

Working from Lean Methodology, six PDSA cycles were conducted, including one focus group with SHC staff and over ten tests of change. Some of the successful PDSA cycles included clearing away old print materials, rearranging the waiting area chairs, establishing a single location for news and information (signage), increasing the overhead lighting, and developing check-in signage. 


Overall, four areas of confusion were noted, and three consequently improved. In terms of lean methodology, waste was decreased overall.

These print materials minimized confusion and dissatisfaction consistently and meaningfully at various touchpoints on the 4th floor receiving area by improving navigation.

Project Lead // Copywriter // Graphic Designer



New York University, 2018-2021


Calm Corner is an ongoing collaboration between the NYU Silver School of Social Work and the NYU Health Promotion Office.


The in-person installation, Calm Corner, encourages self-reflection and awareness, providing students education and an opportunity to engage in stress relief and self-care activities.


Create Your Own Calm Corner is a digital campaign using web and social media. It focuses on six tips for transforming your physical space, wherever you are.

Copywriter // Graphic Designer

Logo created by Udi Goldstein, Vitamin T Talent

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Stall seat journals 


NYU Student Health Center, 2018-2021

Stall seat journals in popular NYU locations display and promote health and wellness messaging on campus and advertise new programming and services. They raise awareness of health-related issues and guide the narrative around public health on-campus.


Design Your Own Spring Break: Copywriter

Bixly: Copywriter // Creative Director

Additional background and character illustration by Jeff Brennan, Vitamin T Talent

Feeling Sick: Copywriter // Graphic Designer

Share Your Story: Copywriter

Vaping: Copywriter // Creative Director