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New York University, 2019-2020

Founded in 1919, NASPA is a U.S.-based student affairs organization including more than 1,400 campuses.


Winning abstracts communicate the purpose and intent of the program being submitted. In Health Promotion’s case, they were submitting their bystander intervention program, Action Zone. Each abstract must distinguish the program, explain research and technology tools used, designate the scope and share the program’s evolution. 


In January 2020, Action Zone was awarded a Bronze NASPA Excellence award in the Athletics, Recreation, Counseling, Health, Wellness, and related programs category. 

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The Human Project, DataCubed, Inc., and NYU, 2017-2018


The Human Project is a research platform and public resource to improve public policy by discovering critical connections between biology, behavior, and the environment.


In 2017, this initiative was supported by the collective and collaborative work of The Human Project, tech start-up Datacubed Health, Inc., and NYU’s Institute for Study of Decision Making. This employee handbook served employees from all three sectors, translating tech-heavy concepts into understandable next steps.



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health promotion office 2020 Orientation video

Welcome to NYU during a global pandemic. We're still *here* for you.

Student health center 2018 graduate life video

NYU Graduate Life had questions. They figured their audience did, too.

New York University


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New York University, 2018-2019


Refill & Chill is a collaboration between two NYU departments– the Office of Sustainability and the Health Promotion Office– to promote hydration and sustainability and provide environmentally-friendly reusable water bottles to participating students. Over 1500 water bottles were distributed in 2018 and 2019. 

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Refill & Chill Collab

One zone


New York University, 2018-2020


At the time of its creation, One Zone brought eight training courses managed by different units at NYU under one brand and website, increasing their visibility and accessibility.

Click here to visit One Zone.


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New York University, 2018-2021


Calm Corner is an ongoing collaboration between the NYU Silver School of Social Work and the NYU Health Promotion Office.


The in-person installation, Calm Corner, encourages self-reflection and awareness, providing students education and an opportunity to engage in stress relief and self-care activities.


Create Your Own Calm Corner is a digital campaign using web and social media. It focuses on six tips for transforming your physical space, wherever you are.

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