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Flu Campaign(s) 

New York University, 2018

Developed a large-scale marketing campaign during the 2018/2019 flu season. It educates students about the availability of free flu shots, CDC guidance including health risks and complications, flu vaccines’ efficacy, and their social responsibility.

Deliverables included posters, TV Screens, social, web, print, passive installation, video, advertising, giveaways, and events.

The 2018 campaign, Flu is a Four-Letter Word, was recognized with the 15th Annual Davey Awards Silver for Cause Marketing, Integrated Campaign, the 25th Annual Communicator Awards Excellence Award for Social Responsibility, and the 34th Annual Educational Advertising Awards Best in Show and Gold for a Total Public Relations Program.

New York University, 2019

Inspired by seeing– what seemed like more and more– New York City MTA maintenance posters, 2019's campaign paid homage to another shared experience of 8 million New Yorkers beyond getting sick– The sometimes inconvenient truth of public transportation.

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Stall seat journals 

New York University, 2018-2021

Stall seat journals in popular NYU locations display and promote health and wellness messaging on campus and advertise new programming and services. They raise awareness of health-related issues and guide the narrative around public health on-campus.

Additional background and character illustration by Jeff Brennan, Vitamin T Talent

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New York University, 2018

NYU wanted to brand a safer sex education program to increase student knowledge about safer sex practices and materials to enhance a culture of sex positivity and consent. Named Sex& by the campaign, the first wave of marketing recruited student educators, called "Sexucators."

Deliverables included posters, business cards, table tents, and tees. A second printed campaign promoted the program's benefits.

The product launch campaign won a Bronze 2019 25th Annual Educational Advertising Award and a 2019 Award of Distinction for Overall Design in Print Advertising from the Communicator's Awards.

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Movement Campaign 

New York University, 2019

The NYU Health Promotion Office wanted to create a lighthearted campaign to encourage small bursts of movement in response to the on-campus library's observational data around students' study habits.

Deliverables included posters, mirror clings, coffee sleeves, locker tags, TV screens, social, web, print, passive installations, and events.

They evaluated the campaign through a voluntary poster survey. Of the responses received, all students could correctly select the definition of a "stretch snack." To the question, "Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: After seeing the Stretch Snack information, I am more likely to take periodic breaks to stretch, move or adjust my position," over 75% of students responded positively.

Stretching illustrations: Anat Even Or, Vitamin T Talent